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For Your Vehicle

South Trail Exports

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At South Trail Exports, we find where in North America your vehicle is worth the most and makes you the strongest offer, based off that analysis

Let Us Do the Work

Exporting vehicles is a lot of work. There are import/export regulations, as well as transportation to worry about and speedometer changes. Leave the exporting to us and get paid upfront

We Pay Upfront

After agreeing to a price, we pay you on the spot or the next business day ….and arrange for a ride home.                                                                                             .

Favorable US/Canada Exchange Rate

The average 2018 exchange rate is $1.2986 Canadian for every US dollar. Let us make the exchange rate work for you and your vehicle’s value.

Zero Obligation at Any Time

There is never any cost to you as a seller. The only time a money changes hands, is a cheque given to you, in your name, when an offer is agreed to.                                                                                                          .

Over 1,000 New & Used In-Stock

If wanting to look at a vehicle for purchase after selling yours, all of the dealerships at South Trail accept our offer, as cash. We simply buy it back from them for the same price.

What People Who Have Sold to Us, Say

The South Trail Export Process

1. At the top of the page, pick a time that fits your schedule, to come for an appraisal
2. Fill in the year, make and model of your vehicle, as well as any other information i.e., has it been in an accident, general condition of the vehicle, etc.
3. Click on “Book My Appraisal”.
4. Show up for the appraisal time you booked and we will appraise your vehicle (*usually around 25 minutes).
5. We make you an offer.
6. If our offer is accepted, we pay you on the spot or the next business day and arrange you a ride home.

Have Any Questions? …..Feel Free To Ask.

Have a Questions? Feel free to ask...
+1 403-629-2110
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